Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fun times....

Yes, I'm being sarcastic! Heard back from Ryann's blood tests and everything was fine so that is good...just some nasty virus going around. Ryann woke up this morning covered in poo...okay, well not really covered but her nightime diaper had leaked and it sure didn't smell very good! So I got her cleaned up and in the shower. I than checked her blood sugar (and hold your breath folks) it was actually high. Which I much prefer over her being so darn low and then having to get her to take something for me. She also ate all of her breakfast this morning (something she hasn't done for a while). So Doug and I decided to give her a little bit of insulin and see how she did (since she was high and she did eat). Normally for how high she was and how much she had for breakfast I would of given her anywhere from 1 1/2-2 units of insulin. But since she had been sick and her blood sugar has been so wonky, I only gave her 1/2 of a unit. The kids were actually all up and dressed nice and early this morning (something that hasn't happened often since school got out). They were begging to go to the park (Ryann's preschool had a playdate planned for the day) and silly me decided that since nobody had thrown up for over 24 hours and they all were acting like they were feeling better we could go. Everything was going fine, the kids have been cooped up in the house so long with this crud being able to go outside and play in the fresh air was feeling pretty good to them. But then about an hour or so into it, Ryann told me she was thirsty and she had that look to her. So I took her over to the stroller and took her blood sugar which was down to 39 and got a juice box down her. She went back to where the other kids were because they were reading stories now and she wanted to listen. While she was sitting there listening (she was sitting with her teacher from last year) I took her blood sugar again (it had been around 15 minutes) and she was still pretty low so I gave her another juice box. After story time they had snacks and since she was still on the low side (though getting close to where she should be...I let her have some more juice) I had to kind of laugh when one of the gals there (her nephew had been in Ryann's class year) said "Ryann can have some juice!?" because during the school year I pack her a special snack and drink to eat so that the teacher and helpers don't have to worry about figuring out how much she can have to eat. So the Grandma and the Aunt and I then got in a discussion about how tough it can be with her diabetes and when it is low and what not. I was telling them all the fun we have had been having with her diabetes the past couple weeks or so.

Anyways after snacks she went off to see what her brother and sister were doing in the "hideout" (which is really a group of tree's that the branches bend down to make a tent...a pretty cool place to play). After a while I saw her wandering her way back towards me and I didn't really like the look she had so I pulled her aside and asked her if she felt okay (she had that I'm going to throw up look on her face). She said she did feel like she was going to throw up, so I said I'll take you to the bathroom, hold on (I needed to hand C.J. off to someone). Right when I handed him off to Ryann's teacher from last year (explaining that I needed to get Ryann to the bathroom) she started throwing up in front of everyone (yeah, great mom moment for me). So I'm trying to get her out of where all the kids troop around, grabbing some paper towels that her teacher gave me. Poor thing pretty much threw up all the juice I had made her drink...not sure if she threw up because she still has this tummy bug or if she just had so much sugar pushed down her at once that her tummy couldn't handle it. After she stopped throwing up I took her to the bathroom to get her cleaned up and stripped her shirt off (she was kind of upset that her cool preschool shirt had puke all over it). I put her in the stroller and checked her blood sugar which was starting to go low again...she didnt' want to drink anymore juice (which I could understand). Luckily one of the ladies sitting nearby had some smarties with her and it so happens that the reason she had these was that her nephew (which was there...him and Doogie really hit it off, he's 9) is also diabetic and was diagnosed when he was 4. So she was filling my ears with things to do and check on Ryann.

When we were sure that Ryann was done throwing up for now, I started rounding up the other rugrats so that we could head home and get cleaned up and deal with Ryann's low blood sugar better (that took around 10 minutes...they were all having too much fun playing at the park). Sinc e Ryann was in the stroller now it meant that Jaxon had to walk so I put Doogie in charge of holding his hand for me as we went to the car....which was fine with Jaxon since he wanted to be Doogie's buddy today. Unfortunately, Doogie ended up tripping on the curb and taking a spill...he got a few scraps but not too bad (I think it scared him more than anything). So I'm halfway across the parking lot pushing the stroller when this happened (luckily the parking lot wasn't busy) because I had to put Jayde in charge of pushing the stroller to the car while I helped Doogie and Jaxon. So okay, we finally got into the car and headed home (and thank goodness Ryann didn't have to throw up anymore!) When we got home I got everyone unloaded and into the house and Ryann was acting droopy again. I checked her blood sugar and she was down to 60 (which isn't terribly bad, but I knew it was going to keep dropping) and I was happy to hear her tell me that she was thirsty so that meant I could get her to drink a juice box! She sucked the juice box down for me and has now just been vegging out on the mattress in the living room (no, I still haven't gotten Doug to take it downstairs for me, but it has been coming in handy!)

So hopefully the rest of the day will calm down and we won't have anymore incidents. I'm just getting really, really tired of this nasty stuff (can you hear me crying now?)

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