Saturday, August 2, 2008

Still sick here...

Though we did have a better night, after we finally got everyone to bed (which was after 11:00)!! Then Jayde came into our room about 6ish to tell us that Doogie was throwing up, so Doug went down there to take care of him. At about 6:45ish C.J woke up so I went in to go and get him (secretly hoping that I could put him into bed with me and catch a few more winks). Unfortunately as soon as I went in there a distinct odor hit me...yep, you guessed it...he had had diarhea and it wasn't only him, Jaxon had too. So I got a double whammy straight off this morning! Poor Jaxon's bottom is still really red and sore, so it hasn't been fun when it is time to change his diaper and he's been avoiding sitting directly on his bottom. With everyone feeling crappy we decided to just bring up our old mattress (that has been sitting in the hallway downstairs, because we need to find a spot to store it) and put it on the living room floor so that everyone could just sprawl out somewhere. Balder is really loving it too! Poor guy's leg is really hurting him and I think sleeping on the nice soft mattress is helping him out some. Grammy even came over a bit this morning/early afternoon to help since Doug had to run some errands. So far the only people who haven't thrown up yet are Doug, Jayde and me (though I've come close a few times!)

Anyways, I better get moving. Jaxon just woke up (he crashed on the mattress) and I think he is poopy again (ouch!) Which means another fun diaper change!

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Stacy aka Twinshappy on SCS said...

I am sorry everyone is so sick. Hopefully you can get some rest and be well soon.