Friday, August 15, 2008

Everybody Knock On Wood!

Today, no one threw up and no one had diarhea!! Yipee!! Ryann woke up this morning a low, but has done okay for the rest of the day (though I still didn't give her any insulin). She was high at dinner and bedtime though so we decided to give her just a little insulin...but now she is dropping pretty fast so I just gave her a juice box to hopefully keep her up where she is supposed to be. So keep your fingers crossed that we don't have a long sleepless night.

Since everyone was feeling better (and we are having Doogie's b-day party tomorrow) I figured I better get this house cleaned up. I haven't really given it a good cleaning for a few weeks now when this nasty stomach bug first hit us. It took pretty much the whole day (have to work in between kids, feedings and naps) but I finally got it done and it feels sooo good to have a clean house again. Now we just get to see how long it will stay that way!

Doogie is pretty excited about his party tomorrow. His two best buddies will arrive around 10-10:30 in the morning. I'm going to have Doug take the boys out to lunch and then to the movie (we figured that it would just be too crazy to take all the kids, and the little guys aren't going to be very cooperative) and I will stay home with the rest of the kids. After the movie Doug and the boys will come back get changed and we are going to head over to the park (it has a "water park" next to it) so the kids can all get rid of that energy they have and cool off in the water. Then we will head back home and have some ice cream and cake...or I guess I should say have some ice cream cake, since that is what Doogie says he wants to have (which reminds me that I need to go and pick one up tomorrow!) Then I'm sure they'll probably play video games for a while and then one of the boys will go home and the other will spend the night. So it should be a crazy and fun day tomorrow. And I'm going to have everyone right now, take their hand, make a fist and knock on wood that nobody gets sick tomorrow!!

Oh and my battery/charger came today so I will be able to take a ton of pics of the kids tomorrow!! Getting my charger in the mail today was definitely the highlight of the day!

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