Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ryann Update

Okay, I heard from Doug (he is on his way to the store to get some sicky provisions). They checked her out, told Doug that Dr. I said we could cut her lantus back down to 1-2 units (we've already cut it back to 3 and she is still going low). She had to go the bathroom while they were there so they put one of those nifty little "helmet" thingies to catch her urine...but it didn't end up being get the picture. So they got some blood from her and are going to run some blood work and we should hear about that sometime tomorrow. They also gave us some suggestions on other quick sugar foods we can give her that will stay with her a bit longer so that she hopefully won't have as many lows. So, that's about all I know at the moment. If I hear anything else that is worth mentioning I will give you an update. So I guess just keep us in your thoughts and prayers that we all get healthy and stay healthy.

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