Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Now to fully get this picture of me, you have to imagine me holding my hands to my head and throwing my head back and yelling..."Noooooo"! So do you have the picture in your head yet? Okay, now I can get to the story of how I got there!

I didn't get to bed until after 11 last night (mainly because C.J. just didn't want to fall asleep!). Before I headed to bed I went in to check Ryann's blood sugar...which was low once again (we have been having a heck of a time keeping it up lately) so I was able to get a couple juice boxes down her. Normally one juice box will do the trick when she is healthy, but since she's been sick and we've been having such a tough time keeping it up I figured better safe than sorry! Doug then got up around 2:00 to check her blood sugar, and darn was low again (even after giving her two juice boxes..about 32 11:30). So I went in there to help him get her to drink another juice box (Doug has been hurting the past day or so, his back has really been bothering him, so bending over into the bottom bunk of a bunk bed doesn't make it feel better). We were finally able to get some down her, and I was about ready to just pass out on the bed next to her I was so tired. So we go back to bed and next thing I know it's about 4:30 and Ryann is crying...I go in there and she is throwing up (I had really hoped we were getting past all of this!!) So after the first round had passed I got her out of her gross bed and put her in the shower while I once again stripped off puke covered sheets and blankets.

After she got out of the shower I took her out in the living room so I could check her blood sugar and see how that was doing. She was 80, which is right at the low point for where she should be at and I knew it would just keep dropping. Unfortunately, she didnt' really feel like taking any carbs in for me (and who can blame her when she is throwing up!) So I got out the 7-up and just stuck the straw in her mouth occasionally and had her take little sips...we continued this way for a while though she really wasn't drinking that much for me, when she started throwing up again and then the other dreaded stuff reared it's ugly head. Poor thing was sitting on the toilet with her throw up bucket because it was coming out both ends (sorry, if too much information...just wanted you to get the picture of how much fun I've been having since 4:30 this morning). Anyways, I'll move on after saying this happened a couple more times. Around 6:00 I decided I should test her blood sugar again and see how it is looking...which wasn't good, she was low. I couldn't get her to drink more 7-up for me, but I was able to tempt her with some starburst (I know I'm giving my child candy in the morning...but if you've ever been around a diabetic when they are low you know you got to go with whatever works to get their blood sugar back up). I was able to get 4 down her (you can tell she is sick that after the first two I had to practically beg her to eat just a couple more) which was around 16 carbs or so. Then I went ahead and let her fall asleep...she was so tired.

About that time Doogie got up (this kid is an early riser...except on school days and than I have to shake him awake!) complaining about not feeling good again. Thank goodness though that he wasn't throwing up, he was having the other stuff though (I'll refrain from saying it because I'm sure you are tired of hearing the word by now!) After just laying around for most of the morning on the mattress though he is acting like he feels alot better and hopefully it will stay that way!!

Jayde is still downstairs, she finally got up...but then went to lie down on the couch downstairs complaining that she didn't feel good. I've checked on her a few times and she was either asleep or just lying there. I figure that is fine, at this point all the rest they can get will be good for them and hopefully help them get over this.

We finally decided call the doctor's office again and see if we could get Ryann in and have her checked out. So she will go in this afternoon, I will let you know what the verdict is. We just figured that now going on 3 weeks of this stuff is quite enough...we want to be healthy again!!

Anyways, I just checked Ryann again and she was low. So I was able to get a little over a juice box down her before she started hollering at me to leave her alone and then she fell asleep again. I need to check her again in a little while to make sure it is going up. Would like to be able to get something down her that isn't pure sugar...but like I said before when your dealing with a diabetic who's low you do whatever works!

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