Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wow! I can't believe school starts tommorrow. I just finally got done getting everything ready for the first day. We went back to school shopping this afternoon with Grammy and she let the kids each pick one outfit out for the first day of school. Jayde absolutely had to have something to do with Hannah Montana and it also had to be a dress...after much searching we finally found one (oh we found alot of Hannah Montana stuff, but just no dresses!) It's a wild and crazy funky dress...and it probably wouldn't of been my first choice (or second, or third, etc...) but she was happy with it and I guess that is all that matters and the colors will look great on her. Doogie was on the great hunt for dragons, but we didn't find any at the place we were shopping at. So Grammy suggested some PUMA stuff... at first Doogie wasn't super excited about it until I told him that pumas were really fast runners and his face perked up. So he got a pair of shorts, t-shirt and a sweatshirt with a puma on it. Ryann decided that the PUMA stuff looked pretty cool herself and we found her some really cute girly pink PUMA stuff (though she won't wear it tomorrow...her and Jaxon don't start school for a couple more weeks). Jaxon got a cute shirt, sweatshirt and pair of jeans and C.J. got a pair of plaid shorts, shirt and a matching hat (we'll see if he'll wear the hat for me!) Then we went shoe shopping since they were having a sale, but we only found shoes for Doogie and Jayde...but since Jaxon and Ryann don't have school for a couple more weeks I still have time to find them something they like. I also should find a pair for C.J. since he is walking like crazy now and with fall around the corner he is going to need a pair of shoes.

Well, I finally bit the bullet and let the girls go over to play next door with the neighbor girls. It's not that I don't want them to play together because I do, I just like to know what they are up to! I always feel bad dumping my kids on people because I know what stinkers and handfulls they can be at times! But the girls had so much fun. Yesterday was the first time I let them do it and when I went over to get them they ended up hauling away half of her toys! So I made them take them all back today and told them not to take anymore toys this time. I mean they walked out of that house yesterday with two movies, a barbie doll, a jewlery box, a play clock, a stuffed bunny, a headband and last but not least a great big pink horse that you can sit on and ride! The neighbors didn't seem to mind though, but it's not something I want the girls to get in a habit of doing!

Hmmm...what else has been happening? Well we are still battling our colds though it seems to be only Doug, me and the two little guys...though Ryann's nose was a bit snotty today. And I'm am sorta wondering if some of it might be allergies.

Balder had his playmate over again today. Our neighbors (a couple houses down) have a german shepard pup who likes to escape from their yard and wonder the neighborhood. She came right to our house and wanted to come in. I don't think she is used to cats though since she tormented mine (or maybe my cats just teased her) most of the day. I went over there a couple times in the morning to see if anyone was home but nobody answered, so I just let her hang out with us. Each time I took her over she really didn't want to go home and when I started to bring her back with me, she practically dragged me home and wanted to come back in. The kids like having her around too and I got a couple pictures of them with her.

Well I better head to bed because I am getting up bright and early tomorrow to get these guys ready for school. I was going to post some pictures but I'm just too tired and don't have time right now. But I will be taking a bunch tomorrow of the kids first day back to school so I will try to post some tomorrow.

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