Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Spoke to soon...

Guess I should of knocked on wood a bit harder! It seems that this stomach bug isn't done with us yet. Jaxon, Ryann and C.J. started having diarhea again yesterday and then I was awakened by Ryann yelling for me this morning accompanied by the sound of her throwing up. Definitely not the way I like to wake up in the morning! So we will be taking it easy again and trying to get everyone healthy and over this nasty stuff! I guess it is a good thing we are postponing Doogie's birthday party to next weekend afterall!

On the bright side we have a couple new additions to our family. Grammy rescued a couple kittens from the animal shelter and they have found a home here with us. One of them looks like a little lion cub and his name is "Tucker", then the other is a tabby like Mikey but he has long hair and he also reminds me alot of my old maine coon Rimmer...we let Ryann name him since she finally got potty trained and she picked out the name "Tiny Tim" (there is a song that they sing in preschool about a turtle and it's name is tiny tim and so she has always liked that name). I think it is a cute name though and it will be funny later on when he is huge (I think he is going to be a good size cat) and has a name like Tiny Tim!

I also need to post some more pictures...but unfortunately my battery in my camera is dead and I can't find my charger anywhere. So Doug ordered me another one (after searching and searching for days for my old one) and I should hopefully get it soon. I hate not being able to grab my camera to take pictures when one of the kids are doing something cute!

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