Monday, August 4, 2008

Dare I say it...

But I think we might be finally turning the corner! I better knock on wood now that I've said that though, knowing my luck someone is going to start throwing up or having diarhea again! Jaxon is still having a little, but his poor bottom is looking alot better and he doesn't seem to mind sitting on it again so I figure that is a good sign!

We had been a little concerned about Ryann since we hadn't been giving her any novolog (her short term insulin) for a few days now (though I'm sure Ryann isn't complaining because her usual four shots a day has gone down to one!) But both our family doctor and our endocrinologist said that it was just fine as long as she was getting her lantus (her long term insulin) and that sometimes it just worked out that way when someone with type 1 diabetes gets sick sometimes they will end up needing more insulin and then there are times when they hardly have to have any at all. So they said to just keep doing what were doing. She went her lowest for us ever on Saturday night (this was the night that we were thinking that she might actually need her short term insulin again since she was up in the high 200's) but just an hour or so later she was down to 26! So we were up for quite awhile with her that night trying to get her back up to where she should be and keeping it there. Last night we sent her to bed in the 300's (which is pretty high) but we didn't want to risk giving her anything and her going low. I'm so glad we didn't give her anything because this morning she woke up at 54! So as you can see it is a big rollarcoaster ride dealing with a sick type 1 diabetic child! Not that it can't be a rollarcoaster on an average day too, so I guess just dealing with diabetes is an adventure.

So anyways, it's been a crazy past week and weekend for us Crowes. And then add on to that, Doogie's birthday is this weekend...that kind of snuck up on me! Can you believe my 1st born is going to be 8?! He just wants a couple of his friends over, though we still aren't sure what we are going to do. But I think we are going to post pone it until next weekend...just to make sure that everyone is over this crud and also give me some extra time to prepare...especially since my house looks like it's been hit by a tornado!

Can you believe that summer is almost over already?! I got to get out and start shopping for all their school supplies before all the good stuff is gone! We are going to start practicing walking to school too, so that we can get familiar with the new route and see how long it takes and what not. I'm not going to let the kids walk by themselves for a while though (wonder if I'll ever be ready for that! LOL!) But it will be good for them to be familiar with it just in case of an emergency. So we better get starts back up for us on the 27th! And then Jaxon and Ryann don't start up until September 10th for preschool. little guy is going to go to preschool this year! Another big change for us...I hope that he will adjust to that, he is kind of a momma's boy so we'll see how that goes!

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