Saturday, August 23, 2008

Well I'll tell you one thing...

atleast this cold doesn't seem to hang on as long as that darn stomach bug did. I was feeling pretty crappy the last couple days (Jaxon and C.J. too) and then today I woke up and felt a whole heck of a lot better(getting a full nights sleep probably helped too...everyone slept through last night), though I still have a snotty nose and a cough. However, I don't feel like my head is going to pop off my body that's a good thing! Doug has come down with it now, he started feeling yucky yesterday and today he has been hanging out in bed trying to get over it. If this cold goes the way it has been though he should be starting to feel better by tomorrow. Okay and everyone (yes, that means you too) take your hand and please, please knock on wood that it doesn't keep spreading through the house and continue to go around and around and around. I mean, come is starting in just a few days and I can't have everyone sick for the first day!

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carrie said...

Hope everyone can make it the first day of school!

Love your music!