Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Are we ever going to get over this crud??? After yesterday I thought we might finally be on the mend and than this morning Jaxon starts throwing up again. 'Course I'm not sure if he threw up because he's still sick or because he started gagging/choking. He had been laying on the mattress we have on the floor (gotta have Doug move it back downstairs one of these days so I can clean the floor!) drinking his juice when he started choking and than he started throwing up all of his juice. So I'm hoping that he just started choking and than had that gag reflex kick in which made him throw up and not because he still has this tummy bug! A few of the kids are still having some diarhea off and on, but it seems to be tappering off (can you hear me knocking on wood right now?)

I've been working on cleaning my very disgusting, dirty, germ covered house this morning. Hoping that I can get rid of the germs that are making everyone sick! Doug shampoo'ed the carpet downstairs this weekend trying to get rid of germs as well. I got the kitchen almost done, except for the floors and the sink...so atleast I have accomplished something this morning. It's always interesting trying to clean house and work around 5 kids...especially when a certain one year old wants to be right with you the whole time! Maybe I'll try to clean the floors tonight once everyone is asleep...atleast it will stay clean for a while that way! So if I can atleast get all the toys picked up for longer than 5 minutes so I can vaccum, then most of the other stuff I can do while the kids are asleep. 'Course that means I will be up later in the night...but atleast my house will be clean!

Ahhh...I don't know what to do about that Jaxon. He's been really picking on C.J. alot lately. I think he isn't liking the fact that C.J. plays with all the toys and can go everywhere he goes. But poor C.J. has bruises on his arms from where Jaxon has been biting him!! He gets put in time out everytime and I show him how much that hurts his baby brother...but he still does it. So if anyone has any suggestions on how to get a two year old to stop biting his baby brother shoot me a note!

I think I'm hooked....I came across a blog while I was perusing through one of my regulars. I had bookmarked it to come back to check out later and when I finally got around to checking it out yesterday I just couldn't stop reading! I would love to meet this lady in person I think we would get along great. She has a great sense of humor! She has been writing her story out on how she met her husband and has gotten to where she is today and it is a really good read. I've caught up to how much she has done so far and I can't wait until she writes more! Along with her life story she writes about other daily happenings and posts pictures (she lives on a ranch), she has pretty much self taught herself photography and her pictures are awesome. I love the fact that she also has a few tutorials and how she took certain pictures and what not...and she explains them in terms that you can understand! So if you want a good read go check her out: http://thepioneerwoman.com/black_heels_to_tractor_wheels_a_love_story This first link goes directly to her love story...though there are more chapters that she has written that aren't on that link yet, so you have to go through her monthly archives to find the rest (just look for the titles "black heels to tractor wheels a love story"). And of course he other posts are pretty entertaining as well. I was so hooked on reading her story yesterday that I got nothing done (I sometimes need a good boot in the rear to get off the computer!) So be warned that once you start reading you aren't going to want to stop!

Anyways, besides trying to get everyone healthy and my house cleaned nothing exciting has been happening. Doogie is hanging out with Grammy today (she's doing fun stuff with him for his birthday). I'm working on trying to iron out the details for Doogie's birthday party. I got in touch with his best buddy from school and he'll be able to come hang out with Doogie this weekend. So Doogie was pretty pumped about that...they haven't seen eachother since the last day of school. It seemed like either we were playing phone tag or someone was sick and we just hadn't been able to meet up. I guess he has been sick this past week as well but with something totally different than what we had. So it should be a fun weekend, we are going to take the boys to the new star wars movie (I just need to figure out what time), we were thinking of going swimming but I guess his good buddy is a little nervous around the water and swimming so since we want to make sure he is included in the fun than I'm thinking maybe we can go to the water park or something instead...that way the boys can still get wet! So I think they will have fun and hopefully tire them all out!

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I love the Pioneer site too!

Hope you all get healthy and stay healthy very soon....what a horrible run you have had....