Thursday, August 7, 2008


In this case ENT stands for Ear Nose and Throat... we just got back from taking Jayde, Ryann and Jaxon to the ENT. Ryann's tubes are already falling out, but her ears look healthy so the doctor said that as long as she wasn't having any problems he wouldn't need to see her again. Jayde and Jaxon will have to go back in 3 months...he thought that it looked like Jaxon's tubes had come out as well, but he couldn't get a really good look because he had a lot of wax blocking the view...but he had done a test on him when we first got there (that basically blows air into the ear) and that came back fine. But because of his age, he wants to see him again in a few months to make sure they are still okay. One of Jayde's tubes had fallen out, and he went ahead and took it out of her ear canal for her (so now we have to do the "tube" fairy...very similiar to the tooth fairy). And because of all the problems she has had with her ears she will come back in a few months as well to make sure her ears are staying healthy. So it was a crazy morning....the girls did not behave very well in the doctor's office (they both wanted to sit in the the "big" chair), so we didn't have a very good start! So hopefully the rest of the day will go alot better (otherwise I might be pulling my hair out and be down a few less kids by the end of the day!)

On the sicky far we haven't had anymore throwing up episodes or diarhea, but I'm not going to jinx myself again and say that we are out of the woods and getting over it!

Doug was cracking me up last night. I had mentioned to him that I'm thinking about getting more serious about photography. I have come across many people who have started doing their own photography in their home or on location with their digital camera and then they edit the pictures in photoshop (or some other photo editing software), some than will do the printing for their customers while others will burn the pictures in on CD and let the customers print them out themselves or have someone print them out for them. They are able to make their own hours, work things around their own schedule and that of their own children and they seem to be doing pretty well. After looking through some of their photos I said to myself "well I could do that". So I would like to take some more photography classes, get comfortable with the editing software and of course practice on my own children (and maybe on other children that I know) first...but who knows, maybe someday soon I will have my own photography business. All of this I was telling Doug and then the next thing I know he is on the computer buying me my own domain so that I could open my own business (how's that for support!) When I told him not to jump the gun, that it would still take some time for me to be ready to do this, his reply was that we needed to grab the domain name that we want now before it gets taken! He's also already talking about me just starting to take pictures for a friend of his (who also has his own business) to get some exposure and practice that way! So hopefully some day soon I will be doing my own thing and I might be enlisting your help for some business! I know that alot of photographers when they first start out and are trying to get pictures for their portfolio they do free just be keeping an eye out for that.... *wink* * wink*

But anyways, that is all still in the talking/planning stage and I'm not sure when it will actually happen. But if you would be interested in something like that or know of someone who would be...let me know! Or if you have photography experience and would like to pass on some tips, any and all would be greatly appreciated!!

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