Saturday, August 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to my First Born!!

Wow! I can't believe he is eight years old today! Where does the time go?

We surely started his big day off with a bang too... We were visited this morning (around 2:30ish) by Jayde informing us that Doogie needed us. So Doug went down to his room to see what was going on. A few minutes later Jayde was back upstairs telling me that Daddy needed me...Doogie had thrown up all over his bed and bedroom floor and of course Doug was about ready to hurl himself just looking at it so I got the great honor of cleaning it all up! We put Doogie in the shower to get him all cleaned up, Doug went back to bed while I finished up getting things cleaned up and Doogie back to bed. I finally got back to bed around 3:30ish...but I couldn't fall back to sleep, which is why at 4:00 I saw Ryann get up and head for the living room. I waited a few minutes thinking that she would realize we weren't out there and come look for us in our room...when she didn't I got up to see where she had gone and what she was doing. It took me a little while to find her since she had snuggled up under one of the blankets. I checked her blood sugar to make sure that was okay (which it was) and then put her back to bed and then got back into bed myself and then I still couldn't sleep! I had finally just started drifting off when C.J. woke up around 5:30, Doug got up and brought him to me. I was finally able to fall asleep and than Ryann woke up screaming around 7:00. Doug went running in there to find that she was throwing up too! So he put her in the shower and than took C.J. while I once again got the great honor of cleaning it up...I guess in a way it was best that I did it, otherwise I would be cleaning up after him as well! So we checked her blood sugar and saw that she was low, so we then had to coax some sugar down her (and let me tell you when she doesn't want to take something it is really hard to get her to take it!) Anyways, moving on we finally got everyone settled down and we were all just hanging out on the couch (and mattress on the floor) watching tv and us adults dozing...since we hardly had any sleep last night when Jayde decided that she had to get into the mix as well and started throwing up! She had actually been the only one in the past couple weeks that hadn't gotten sick...but it finally got her today. So once again I was cleaning up and washing more sheets and blankets. I've already done 5 loads of laundry today and I'm still not caught up on my regular stuff!

On the bright side of things it seems that after they throw up they generally start to feel better and they usually only throw up once or twice and than they are done. We just have to keep a close eye on Ryann's blood sugar (which has already gone low a couple times today). She still has hardly been having any insulin, just her long term stuff and an occasional half unit of her short term insulin if she is really high. Otherwise we have just been leaving it alone since everytime we mess with it she goes low!

We went ahead and gave Doogie his birthday presents (which he is pretty pleased with). We got him the Lego Indiana Jones Wii game and a few others as well (along with the Wii fit...which I'm going to be using!) So he is downstairs vegging and taking it easy by playing his new game. Then next weekend when everyone is feeling better (knock on wood...I really hope we are over it by than) we will have his birthday party. Still working on the details, but think that since he only wants a couple of his friends to come over that we'll just take the boys to that new star wars movie that comes out next week. So I just need to get in touch with one of his best buddies from school and see if they will be able to join us next weekend, since I already spoke to his other buddy (his buddy's mom to be more precise) that he wanted to invite, today.

So lets see if I can think of anymore exciting news...oh yeah! Jayde has gotten on the Hannah Montana bandwagon. I think she mainly got interested in it because one of her best friends watches it (she has an older sister). So now whenever we go anywhere and she see's something for Hannah Monatana she gets all excited (she hadn't even seen the show at that point!) So I finally let her watch to even see if she liked it (which she does...and don't tell Doogie I told you this but...he likes it too!) And I must say it is a nice change from watching kiddie cartoons all the time!

Oh and I got my domain name for my hopefully soon to be photography business. Right now it just takes you directly to this blog. But eventually it will have other things on it. Doug said "I guess I better start looking into web design, huh?!" LOL! It will be nice to have my own personal web designer and it is nice to have his support and know that he is behind me on this even though it might be a while before it actually takes off.

I also want to wish my Grandparents a wonderful anniversary (Doogie gets to share this special day with them). So anyways, I think that about wraps it up. But I just want to say one more thing....

Happy Birthday Doogie!! We love you so much and are so proud of the wonderful young man you are becoming!! :)

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