Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our fun and Crazy weekend

Well I think Doogie had a fun birthday party on Saturday. We didn't get to do what I had wanted to do...by the time all the boys got here there was no way that we could get them fed and to the movie in time. So we made pizza and the boys played video games...which meant that we all got sidetracked and missed the second showing! So we took them all out for ice cream instead. We were going to take them to the water park, but it was sooo hot that you didn't even want to be outside and one of the boys didn't feel like getting wet. So we pretty much just hanged out at the house all day and played video games, built with legos and pretended we were jedi. After Doogie's buddy from school went home (around 7) we headed over to Grammy and Papa's and went swimming, I was hoping to tire the boys out so that they would actually go to sleep that night. So even though my plans got all shot up, I still think they had fun and I told them I would try to steal them all away some other day soon so that we could actually make it to the movie.

On Sunday, we went out on the boat with my brother, his girlfriend and her son (who was at Doogie's party and spent the night) and we took Doogie, Jayde and Ryann as well (Jaxon and C.J. hanged out with Grandma and Grandpa). We had so much fun, the kids tubed (and Uncle Chris and I tubed as well) and then Doug got up on the ski. This was the time that I really wished that I had a longer lense for my camera so that I could actually get some pictures of their facial expressions as the bounced along on the waves!

Monday, I woke up so sore....I hadn't been using those tubing muscles for quite some time and my body was telling me about it! Not to mention I was just so tired from being up most of the night with one of the kids. Jaxon and C.J. have been really restless for the past couple nights and they have both ended up in bed with Doug and me. Which is why I'm still sore and tired today...gotta have a talk with these two boys about sleeping through the night again!

Ryann seems to be doing a lot better. Her blood sugar is starting to even out again and we are back to giving her four shots a day (poor thing, we were all really liking the part of no shots!) But I guess that is just the way life is and I guess I would rather have to give her shots again and monitor what she eats than have her be sick and throwing up and all that good stuff.

Anyways, I took a ton of pictures over the weekend (I filled up my memory card) so I promise you will see some pictures soon. I just have to get on the other computer (where my pictures are) before I can do it.

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