Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Where did our warm weather go?!

Well it looks like our 90 degree weather has gone away, it is rainy and windy today and in the high 60's low 70's and it's supposed to stay this cool for atleast a week. Talk about going from one extreme to the other! It wasn't too bad this morning...it was a little cool but felt good after the really hot weekend. And I like the smell of the rain mixed in with the scent of all the flowers blooming. However by this afternoon the wind really started picking up and the temps dropped a bit more, and it became a bit chilly.

I filled out the paperwork last night to enroll Doogie and Jayde in their new school for next year. I have to admit I am a big saddened at the thought of them not continuing at the school they are at now. Part of that could be because that is where I went to school and also because I really like the teachers there. Though I have heard great things about their new school as well. I'm really going to miss Jayde's speech teacher...she's such a wonderful lady. She told me that she had already gotten in touch with the speech teacher at the new school and has given him all the info for Jayde and told him all of the things they have been doing for her down here. It is so nice to know that she is looking out for Jayde's best interests. I will miss their classroom teachers as well, both of them have been absolutely wonderful and you can tell that they genuinely love to teach the kids, and I know they have all of their best interests at heart. I'm sure I will find wonderful teachers at their new school as well, but I will be sad to say goodbye at the end of the year.

Ryann's blood sugar levels have been doing alot better the last few days...though we have been hitting a few more lows than usual, but considering she's been staying high for the past couple of weeks she is doing really well. I don't know if it is because we've adjusted her doses some or if all the outside play has been doing it...though it is probably a combination of the two, but something seems to be working! We will have to keep a close eye on her over the summer and make sure we keep her hydrated and give her what she needs to keep her blood sugar on the level. It can be tricky at times, most of the time it's just a balancing act and you just have to find the right combo. And some things that will work one day won't always work the next, so it can be a bit frustrating at times trying to figure out what went wrong!

I think we are going to have to put the gate back up on the stairs...we took it down since Jaxon is fine going up and down now. However my little monkey named C.J. has turned into quite the climber and was heading up them this morning. I don't remember the others being such good little climbers this young. Ryann was one of them, but I don't remember her climbing up on the table until she was atleast one! In some ways this doesn't surprise me though since he is extremely busy...his got to keep up with the other kids now doesn't he! He's so cute about it too, he just gives you one of his huge grins and giggles and you just melt. We got him a walker that looks like a lion and he is so cute just toddling along behind it pushing it around. I wouldn't be surprised if he is walking very soon!

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