Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Class Picnic

I must think it is summer already, because I have been horrible about getting up on time the past few days! Which then ends up with us all racing around the house trying to get ready in time to leave when we are supposed too! Course it probably didn't help that I was up most of the night last night with Jaxon. He was just having a really hard time going to sleep. He fell asleep really fast because he didn't have a nap, but than around 10:30 he was up crying so I went in to sit with him and he would drift in and out just crying his eyes out. So around 12:30 I finally gave up trying to get him to go back to sleep in his own bed and put him in bed with me. On the other hand though, C.J. slept really good last night (thank goodness...don't think I could of taken both of them up!) and he slept until around 5:30. He usually wakes up around 3:00...he's only actually slept through the night a few times. I think that could be that he shares a room with us and he can probably hear us moving around and breathing and it probably wakes him up.

Ryann had her class picnic today. I wish the weather had been a little more nice for it. It was about 68 and wasn't too bad when the sun was out, but when it went down it got a bit chilly. Though the kids really don't seem to mind it! We took Jayde and Jaxon with us and left C.J. with Grammy. They all had a lot of fun playing with all the kids and Jaxon was having a blast chasing the seagulls around! I got a couple pics of Ryann with her best buddy Dylan and her teacher Mrs. Rosbach...she's absolutely wonderful!!

Afterwards we stopped by the house to see what progress Doug has been making on the house. He is finishing up the kitchen today and than we are ordering appliances to go in it. And he is going to work on painting today as well. So it is really coming along and we are going to have all of our things delivered on the 30th so we need to get it finished up and figure out where everything is going to go.

Then we took Jayde to school, and since I had Ryann and Jaxon in the car I just dropped Jayde off in front of the school and parked where I could watch her walk down the sidewalk and get in line at the back o the school. She was so cute, one of her friends was getting dropped off at the same time she was so she waited for her and took her hand to walk with her when one of their other friends showed up. They than all held hands and went running down the sidewalk together to get in line. Jayde has her Kindergarten music program tonight so that should be alot of fun. I know she is really excited about it, she's been counting down the days all week. I better go check to make sure my video camera is charged and has tape in it!!

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