Saturday, May 24, 2008

Another long night...

This time it wasn't the kids fault though! Doug and I spent the evening painting the rooms in the house. We got all of them painted, except for my soon to be scrapping/computer room and our master bath. I just need to get down there again (hopefully today) and give them another coat of paint, then go back and touch up anything and paint the accent color. I also want to try to get our bathroom done. I need to take down the wall paper border in my scrap room before I can paint it, but I'm just going to do that room in plain white. Ryann picked out a light pink for her room, and boy is it pink! LOL! But I must say it looks alot better than the color that was in there before. Most of the house was painted in this ugly light grayish greenish color. Jaxon and C.J.'s room is a robin's egg blue, it is really nice and Jayde's room turned out really well. She picked out a really light purple and it looks really nice. Doogie just picked white out for his room than he picked out a greenish color to use as trim/accent. The girls have a darker color of pink and purple to accent there rooms. And I think I will go and get a darker color blue and maybe paint some paw prints on Jaxon and C.J.'s room since Jaxon love's Blue's Clues. We painted our bedroom (and the master bath will be as well) the same color as the kitchen, living room and hallway. It is a light yellowish brown and really brightens up the house and makes it feel warm and welcoming. So anyways, the house is really coming along and we should hopefully be in our new house in a couple of weeks!

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