Thursday, May 15, 2008

More pictures....

Okay, I promised that I was going to try and update alot more and add pictures more here I go.

I forgot to mention in my post yesterday that Jayde and Doogie are playing coach pitch on the same team this year. Doogie has improved sooo much since last year (Jayde as well). I think it helps that Doug is here this year for it. Last year when they played he was still in NJ. They try to get out every evening after school and work to throw the ball around and maybe practice that swing. Doug was showing Doogie how to pitch last night...he has quite the arm! I think if he really wants to and works hard at it he could be a great pitcher! Jayde has this natural athletic ability where if she decides she wants to play she does great! But if she doesn't want to play there is absolutely nothing you can do about it! I still remember when she played soccer for the first time and she would just stand there on the field stubbornly and not play on some days while on others she would run around on the field and kick the ball. Guess that just goes to show how different each child is from.

For instance...Miss Ryann...what am I going to do with that girl, we still don't have her potty trained yet. I think I have tried every form of bribery that I can think of and still nothing works. Part of the problem I think is that she just got frustrated and discouraged with it last summer when we were trying to get her trained. That was when her diabetes started showing up...though we didn't know what it was until October. She would go potty for me, but then just 5 minutes later she would wet her pants. That was a sign of high blood sugar...course we didn't know that! And I think that is why she still has some issues now. Because when her blood sugar is high she wants to drink more fluids, which then of course causes her to go to the bathroom alot more. And not to mention the fact that she still probably remembers how it was last summer when she tried. Of course I can't discount the fact that she is also very very stubborn! So when you mix all of those combinations up it has been quite a trial! Our newest game plan is every hour to go and put her on the potty...of course that doesn't always work, sometimes I swear she goes potty on purpose right before I get her to the toilet! She does have an onry streak in her! And then there are times we forget to take her to the potty as well, since we get distracted by other things! But I guess there really isn't anything else we can do except just keep plugging away at it in hopes that something will just finally click into place for her and she'll decide she wants to do this!

I have to say so far as potty training, boys are alot easier to get trained than girls! Jayde was really stubborn about getting trained as well (though she was alot easier than Ryann)! Guess we got spoiled with Doogie since it only took him a week! Jaxon has been starting to show an interest in it (probably because we've been making such a big deal of it with Ryann). So maybe a little competition will get Ryann started!
Jaxon is such a fun little guy! He's become quite the chatterbox and has a great sense of humor! He is really starting to slim down and lose that baby fat. He's looking more like a little boy than a baby. For a while there he was wanting me to spike his hair (in the front) for him. Doogie wanted me to do that for him for a while because he thought it was pretty cool! Jaxon saw me doing it and decided that he wanted it too. I have to say it makes him look even more grown up when I do it. He is still very into Blue's Clues...I think we watch that a million times a day. It's always Blue and Joe, Blue and Joe with that boy! Maybe we should of named C.J. Joe instead! I'm sure Jaxon would of loved that! LOL!

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