Friday, May 16, 2008

First Swim of the Season

We had a pretty busy day today. We had to take Ryann up to Spokane for her diabetes check-up. She is doing well, we have been having alot of highs lately so we were strategizing some ways that we could battle that and we adjusted her insulin dosages some. But all in all, she is doing quite well and we will continue to plug away at it.

When we returned home from our trip we all headed for the pool! It was up in the 90's today so it was very nice out. The water was still a bit cold for my taste (in the low 70's) but the kids didn't seem to mind it! They all had a great time swimming and hanging out outside. Hopefully they are all tired out now and will sleep good for the night and if I'm lucky sleep in tomorrow!

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to get over to the house and get some painting done. Doug is over there tonight working on getting the cupboards in so that we can go and order the countertops and get going on that. And I also need to get out and pick things up to put in Ryann's goody bags for her party on Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

awesome pics - can't believe you have 90 degree weather already!