Thursday, May 29, 2008

Gas Prices!!

Aren't they just outrageous! I just spent $99.30 to fill up my tank this about ouch!! I'm hoping once school gets out in a couple weeks and I won't have to be doing as much driving, it will be better. Right now I have to fill up about once a week.

My wrist actually is doing better as long as I keep the brace on. Though I did have to take it off to do the girl's hair this morning, there was just no way I could get it done with it on. So I just gritted my teeth and got it done!

Ryann's blood sugar did pretty good last night, she had a couple lows right before lunch and dinner but it did great at bedtime and this morning.

We don't have anything super exciting planned tonight. We just have gymnastics and coach-pitch. Jayde has informed me this morning that she is done with coach-pitch and wants to start doing gymnastics again...she has missed it. Last week we let them skip coach-pitch practice and go to gymanstics and they had a great time. So we'll see, it would be nice if she could just tough it out for a couple more weeks and than it will be done and she can go back to gymanstics. But if you know Jayde at all you will know that once she sets her mind to something it is really hard to change it!

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