Saturday, May 17, 2008

Lost A Tooth!!

Jayde lost her second tooth this morning! She was eating her cereal for breakfast and out it came! She was pretty excited about it, she came running over to me yelling "my tooth came out"! So I put it in a baggie for her and put her name and the date on it and she went running upstairs to show Doug her tooth. Now I just need to remember to stick a dollar under her pillow tonight after she goes to sleep. When she lost her first tooth, she had swallowed it while she was sleeping...which she was pretty upset about. She thought that the tooth fairy wouldn't come (and she almost didn't!) But I reassured her and told her that the tooth fairy would know where to go! Then I almost forgot to give her her dollar, I ended up giving it to her myself the next morning and told her that the tooth fairy left it with me sine she couldn't very well put it where her tooth had been! That seemed to work, and Jayde thought nothing of it!
I also forgot to mention the whole potty incident yesterday with Ryann. I had her go potty for me before she got to go in the pool, reminding her that if she went potty in the pool she wouldn't be able to swim anymore. She said okay, and I asked her periodically while she was swimming if she needed to go and would remind her once again what would happen if she went potty...each time however she would tell me she didn't have to go. Then she happened to get out of the pool and was about to get back in when Doug noticed she was carrying a load in her swimsuit! YUCK!! Have I told you that I hate potty training...especially when they poop! So I dragged her back into the house and started getting the mess cleaned up and informed her that she was done swimming now...something she wasn't very happy to hear! We're thinking that maybe this will be the thing that gets her to use the potty. We figure that a couple times watching everyone else swim and not being able to join them might do the trick...I know it sounds pretty mean though and I hate to do it to her, however she is 4 now and she really needs to decide to start using the potty! I think if her diabetes hadn't kicked in last summer she would of been potty trained at 3...but oh well, that's the way life goes at times.

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