Monday, May 19, 2008


The game went really well today. It was actually their first one that I was able to watch the whole way through without having to chase after one of the little ones! We left the two youngest at home with the Grandparents and just took the three oldest and then Grandpa ended up chasing after Ryann at the game. So I was able to get some pictures of the kids...will have to get those downloaded off my camera so I can get some up on here. Both Doogie and Jayde did really well and Jayde got a hit off the pitcher and didn't have to use the tee...she was pretty happy with herself for that. Afterwards when we got home Doug pitched to Doogie some so that he could work on his hitting and I came outside to watch and he hit a line drive right at me! He thought that was pretty funny and I think it also helped with his confidence! After that he was really whacking the ball. As long as he doesn't get down on himself he does really well. The trick is snapping him out of his negative mood and getting him back in the positive. Of course that goes the same for Jayde, at their last game she got extremely upset when she got tagged out running to the base.

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