Monday, May 19, 2008

Pee in the Potty!!!

Well you might not think that this is such a big deal...until I tell you who pee'd in the potty! It wasn't Ryann (though she has been doing okay today...she stayed dry at school and went potty for me when I picked her up)...but this time it was Jaxon!! I was changing his diaper before we went out to run errands and he insisted on sitting on the potty before I put his new diaper back on. So I'm like okay, I don't want to discourage him on using I sat him on the potty thinking oh he'll just sit there for a few minutes and then say his done and get off. So I turned around to see what C.J. was doing in the living room when I heard the distinct sound of something spraying everywhere. I turn back to Jaxon to see him peeing everywhere! LOL! I quickly went over to help him "aim" in the right spot, and then cleaned up the floor. But boy was he so pleased with himself for using the potty and we praised him big time (we'll just have to work on that aim a bit!) I need to buy a potty seat that has a shield on it to help block those little accidents from happening!

Ryann had her last day of school today and then on Wednesday they have their class picnic. I need to find a present for her teacher so that Ryann can give it to her when she see's her. So I'll have one less kid to run back and forth to school and then Doogie and Jayde are done June 11th. Doogie has an end of the year picnic as well, and I don't know what they are doing for Jayde just yet. Ryann's teacher was talking about doing a "park hop" this summer where every Wednesday they would have a park playdate set up where people could show up so that the kids could still play and see eachother over the summer, and she was going to try to make it to alot of them as well so she could see the kids. So that will be alot of fun, I know Ryann is going to miss all of her school buddies. I need to make sure I get out our new phone number and address to everyone, so that we can have playdates.
Jayde was so funny this morning. We went to the flower nursery with Grammy this morning to look at flowers. And I was getting ideas for my flower gardens that I want to do once we get our yard situated. But Jayde really wanted this lavendar plant so we told her okay...that can be yours, but you got to take care of it and water it until we can plant it somewhere. So she said okay and then the whole time we were walking around she was telling everyone that this was her plant. When we were leaving she insisted on carrying it herself and holding it in the car, while we were walking out to the car she was talking to her plant to help it grow big and strong! It was pretty cute. She was a really good girl for me this morning and I think she loved getting that positive attention!

Anyways, here are some pictures from from Ryann's party (the one with her and her two friends) and then the others from when we came back and swam with Uncle Chris, his girlfriend Melissa and her son Christian. And I'll try to update again tonight since Doogie and Jayde have a game tonight....I need to remember to bring the camera so I can get some pics of them playing!

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