Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kindergarten Music Program

Jayde's music program last night was wonderful! She did such a great job and I think she has a future on the stage if she wants it! She was up there just grooving and singing and you could tell that she was having a lot of fun. I had to keep myself from laughing while I was watching her since I had to try to hold the video camera steady! She watched herself on tape this morning and was grooving and singing right along with it, it was almost like watching the whole show all over again! She definitely isn't shy about getting up on stage in front of people, that's for sure! Afterwards she ran around the gym for a while with her friends and it was just fun to watch her interact and have fun. I was cracking up when her and her friend were playing hide in seek and first Jayde hid...there aren't that many places to hide in the gym so she hid in the door jam! Her friend found her pretty quickly, but she didn't seem to mind they were both just giggling. When it was her turn to be the seeker, her friend hid in the same spot Jayde had then jumped out at her when she came close. But it was just so much fun to watch the looks on their faces as the played. I love moments like those.

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