Sunday, May 18, 2008

Birthday Party

We had Ryann's birthday party today. I think it went quite well, we just had a small party with mostly family and a few of her friends from school. We decided to have it at the place where they have gymnastics. I think they all had a great time running around playing on the equipment and playing the games that the instructor set up. I need to download my pictures off my camera so I can upload some for you all to see! One of the things I liked about the party was that they do the set up and the take down of the party so you don't have to spend all that time cleaning and what not before and after the party, and they supplied everything but the cake and food (even the goody bags!) But the most important thing was that all the kids had a great time playing. I got some really cute pictures of Ryann and her buddies!

Afterwards we headed back home and hopped into the pool, we are still having 90 degree weather, though it is supposed to start cooling off and get down to the 70's by Tuesday. My brother, his girlfriend and her son joined us in the pool. The kids swam for the rest of the afternoon until we had them get out at dinner. So they are good and tired and most of them (all except Ryann) went down pretty quickly tonight. Ryann had taken her birthday presents to bed with her and instead of going to sleep was playing...I hadn't realized she had done that until she got out of bed to tell me she couldn't find her mouse (Gus, from Cinderella). I told her she should be sleeping anyways and that we will look for him tomorrow!

C.J. LOVES the pool! I thought he might not like it because it is still a little cool (though with the warm weather it has been warming up), but he got in and was splashing and smiling and having the time of his life. Even when the kids you splash him with water he wouldn't get upset...he would start laughing like it was just the funniest thing! So I've got another water baby on my hands! Both Jayde and Doogie are excited about the fact that they have passed the swim test...which basically is swimming the entire length of the pool without touching the bottom. Jayde will still struggle some, so when she doesn't have her floaties on we have to keep a close eye on her. Jaxon loves to just float around with his floaties on and his tube, he thinks he is pretty cool. Though he was a little leary today of getting in since he had a little incident yesterday in the pool, his tube wasn't up high enough and he was a little top heavy. The floaties of course kept him from going under but he was panicking because his face kept going in. Papa got to him pretty quickly, but it did scare him. Which is some ways is good, since a healthy fear of the water can be a good thing. But after a few minutes in the pool with his Daddy holding him and off he went again!

Ryann is starting to slowly improve with the potty. I think wanting to swim is taking precedence of not wanting to get on the potty. She even pooped today in the potty, she was very excited and happy with herself (though she did end up pooping again about a half hour later in her pull-ups). However she is making progress. I figure if we just swim every day all day we'll get her potty trained in no time! LOL! Not to mention they will all sleep really good at night. They all actually slept in this morning and slept until around 8:00! Not bad since they are usually are up around 7 or earlier! All except Ryann and Jaxon usually, they like to sleep in a bit longer as long as no one wakes them up!

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