Friday, May 23, 2008

Rough night

Ugh! I am in so much need of a nap today! But somehow I really doubt that is going to happen! For some reason Jaxon, Ryann and C.J. had a heck of a time going to bed last night. Jaxon wanted me to sit with him but I had to get Ryann settled down and get C.J. to sleep as well. Ryann had skinned her toe pretty good earlier that day and everytime she bumped it or her blanket touched it she would start screaming. So I held C.J. and sat on her bed with her trying to get her calmed down and then once Doug got Jaxon to bed he came and layed down with Ryann to get her to go to sleep. The kids were actually pretty excited that Daddy was "sleeping" in their room! By the time I finally got C.J. to sleep it was around 11:00 and I still needed to finish getting things ready for tomorrow! So I think I finally fell asleep around midnight.

This morning both of the girls woke up in extremely grumpy moods! It's always crazy in the mornings trying to get everyone ready to go. The boys get their showers/baths at night and than I usually throw the girls in with me in the mornings, since it is easier to get their hair done when it is wet. Jayde usually always has attitude for me in the mornings (okay, she has attitude for me all day! LOL!) because she is a shower hog and wants all the water for herself and has a fit if Ryann even bumps up against her! So by the time we are all done showering and dressed I'm ready to start pulling my hair out! Then of course I still got to get everyone fed andRyann needs to have her shot before I have to take whoever needs to go to school! Today we had to leave 10 minutes earlier than usual because Doogie wanted to get his dragon drawing book to take to school to show his art teacher and his book was down at the house. I will be glad when school is finally done so that we don't have such a mad dash in the mornings!

The picture is of Mr. C.J. and his lion walker. I tell you this kid does not stay still for very long. It is starting to get hard to get pictures of him because he won't sit still long enough! He is extremely busy and he wants to be where the big kids are and doing what they are doing. I think he is going to be taking off on his own very soon. All the rest of the kids (except for Jaxon, who was around 14 months...think he was just having to much fun running people over with his walker) walked at around 11 months and C.J. is a little over 10 months now. He is such a chunky little monkey too, pretty amazing since at 6 months he was underweight and than he discovered bottles and food and hasn't looked back since! I also included some of Jaxon's 2 year pics, since I realized I never posted any.

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