Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another low night...

Ryann got down to 50 last night. She was pretty cooperative though and Doug got a juice box down her. Alot of times we can get her to drink a juice box in her sleep, we just hold the straw in her mouth and she will automatically (most times) just start sucking. When Doug checked her later that night she was around 200 so we thought she would be fine for the rest of the night. However she woke up at 65 this morning, which isn't terribly bad, but still not where we would like her to be. I don't think we miscalculated her insulin again, but just forgot to take in consideration that she has been swimming alot and playing outside alot more. And for some reason exercise brings blood sugar down so that you don't need as much insulin.

Speaking of swimming, the kids had another fun evening of swimming. Doogie and Jayde are really coming along with their swimming. Doogie gets to go in the deep end without his floaties, though we still of course watch him like a hawk! Jayde's starting to get more relaxed in the deep end, she used to panic when she would first jump in, but that is getting alot better and she can swim the entire length of the pool with no floaties. We don't let her in the deep end unless someone is right with her though. Ryann had a potty incident in the pool last night, she pooped in her swimsuit. I guess we should be kind of thankful that it was pretty solid and not loose! She had eaten alot of corn the night lets just leave it at that, shall we! So she wont be able to go in the pool next time and will have to watch everyone else swim. I know that sounds really mean, and believe me I would rather not have to do it this way, but I'm hoping if she see's what she is missing by refusing to use the potty we'll have a potty breakthrough! So far today she has stayed dry (knock on wood) though I have had to remind her and take her into the potty. But we'll see what happens...maybe one day of not being able to swim while everyone else is will do the trick.

My wrist is still really sore and painful, and I think more swollen than yesterday as well. I can't even lift up light objects without it hurting. Makes it really interesting when C.J. wants me to pick him up! I have to position him in just the right way that my left arm does most of the lifting.

Anyways, here are some pictures of the kids today. It is really getting hard to take a picture of C.J. unless he is asleep or strapped down because he just doesn't stop moving! He stood again by himself today and even tried to take a step, but I couldn't get a picture of it.

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