Thursday, June 11, 2009

Schools out for summer...

Yesterday was the last day of school for Doogie and Jayde. They had a good 1st and 2nd grade year at Sacy and they are looking forward to being 2nd and 3rd graders when they go back in the fall. Of course they aren't quite ready yet to go back to school just yet, they are very excited for summer and now I have to think of some fun things for them to do and keep them busy! I have a feeling going to the park and going swimming will be at the top of the list (good thing the in-laws have a pool!)

Anyways, I meant to get pictures of the kids on their last day of school with their teachers (well it would be Jayde's substitute teacher since her teacher is now on maternity leave...but that would of worked since we really liked her too!) but I got a bit sidetracked. The kids and I decided we would walk to pick them up on their last day of school and while we were crossing through the school yard I felt a sharp pain in my foot. I looked down to see a bee hanging by it's stinger on the side of my foot. The darn thing would not get off and I finally had to take my flip flop off my foot and hit it off with it! I could still see the stinger in there but I couldn't get it out so I pushed the stroller as fast as I could across the school yard where I could see Doogie's class getting out. I picked him up and then went and got Jayde who was already sitting on the bench outside her classroom waiting for me. Then we all headed inside the school and made our way to the nurse's office where she pulled the stinger out for me and put on a baking soda paste. While we were waiting for it to dry and crack the kids amused themselves by weighing themselves on the scale (the boys anyway), the girls stayed out by the office where our neighbor was there with her girls and chit chatted with them.

I had planned on taking the kids out to lunch to celebrate the end of school, but I had a couple of kids who didn't want to get off the toys and come when I called that planned changed! By the time I got them all rounded up my foot was really throbbing so I called Doug at work and he ran home and got the suburban and came and picked us all up at the school.

Today my foot is pretty swollen, but it probably didn't help that I have been walking on it all day (trying to clean house). I've been the evil stepmother today and have enlisted (not willingly) the kids help in cleaning up the house. It is slowly getting cleaned...

So anyways, I'm glad that school is out too. Though I'm sure the kids will drive me totally insane by the end of summer. But it's nice not to have to rush around in the mornings and get everyone out the door and we can all move at our own pace for the most part. And I have to admit that I'm looking forward to doing lots of fun things with the kids this summer (and of course taking pictures...going to work on honing up my photography skills now that I have more time to practice!) So sorry I don't have any end of school pictures to share with you all (I'm pretty bummed about that). But I promise to share lots of pictures of the kids over the summer!

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