Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fun at the Park

We had another great playdate at the park today. We invited my friend Laura along with her two girls to come along. Jaxon has been dying to meet Hannah since he saw the pictures I took of her! They hit it off really fast and had alot of fun playing with eachother. He even didn't mind babysitting her doll for her (he is going to make some girl a very lucky woman!) The cutest thing though was when they were playing together and Jaxon just out of the blue said "I love Hannah"! It was just too cute! I feel bad that I didn't get more pics of the older kids, but I think it was because they were off playing in the trees somewhere and I had to stay with the little guys. They always seem to find someone to play with, they are all very good at making new friends wherever we go. I kept catching CJ latching on to other mom's...usually one's that had food. What can I say, he has a really good survival skills!

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