Monday, June 29, 2009

Our weekend on the beach

Congrats to my big brother Chris on getting hitched! We wish you two nothing but the very best and we are so happy for you guys!

Friday morning we loaded up the kids and our luggage and headed to Seaside, OR for my brother's wedding. Along the way we stopped at Mulnomah Falls and we hiked all the way to the top (yes, with all 5 kids). Doug and I were both pushing strollers for most of the way up and down. We got a lot of comments about how brave we were (or crazy) and one lady even said she was going to blog about us in her blog about how we were her heros! So we had a good time, it was alot of fun hiking with the kids. Only problem was that it took us longer than we thought to hike up the Falls with the kids that we were starting to run a little behind on schedule (we had to be in Seaside by 5:00 for the rehearsal). Luckily though we made it there right on time (barely). They rehearsed for about a half hour or so and then we headed over for the rehearsal dinner. We than made it back to the beach just in time for the sunset and let the kids run around on the beach for a while. I don't know how they could stand to get wet...I thought it was cold! But they didn't seem to mind the cold as much as I did.

Saturday morning we got up and headed for the beach again. It was a beautiful day (perfect weather for the wedding!) The kids had a lot of fun playing in the sand and water. Afterwards we headed back up to the hotel and got in the hot tub to warm everyone back up again. Then we went to the aquarium with my parents and my Uncle Paul, the kids think their Great Uncle Paul is pretty cool! We had alot of fun feeding the seals (and getting splashed) and also checking out all the other cool ocean creatures. The kids got to hold snails and touch a bunch of them. Then it was back to the hotel to get everyone showered (the girls anyway) and Doug layed down with CJ to get him to take a nap. After I got the girls showered, their hair up in buns and their fingers and toenails painted I took them over to the bridal room where all the bridal party was getting ready. I got them in their dresses and tied on their ribbons, the photographer got some cute pictures. Jayde kept telling Melissa how pretty she looked and if she could wear a pretty dress like that when she got married! Finally everyone was ready and with just a few minor setbacks we headed down to the beach. Originally Jayde was supposed to walk with Christian and Ryann down the aisle and throw down her petals, but everyone forgot about the train. So Jayde got promoted to holding the train as they walked down the beach so it wouldn't drag. She did a great job and had a death grip on that dress! In fact they all did a really good job walking and standing where they were supposed to and they were pretty patient with waiting for all the pictures to be done before we headed over to the reception.

The kids all did a great job at the reception as well. After the bride and groom arrived later on after the pictures and got a bite to eat, they did their dances. Then we let the kids go and dance a little (there wasn't really a dance floor but they did their best) it was really cute watching them dance together and Melissa's niece who was in the wedding as well danced with the kids too. When we got back to the hotel around 10:00 the kids were bushed and they all pretty much crashed when their heads hit the pillow. My dad came over to our room and watched the kids for us so Doug and I could head down to the beach and join in on the bonfire. We had a great time hanging out on the beach with everyone and talking. We originally only planned to be out there for about and hour, but before we knew it it was two in the morning! So we headed back up the room so we could send my Dad back to his!

On Sunday we packed everything and everyone and headed back home. We decided to take a different route this time and saw some great scenery. We had a great time but it was nice to pull up in front of our house again. Here are just a few of the many pictures I took while we were in Oregon. I can't wait to see the pictures that the photographer got!

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