Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A picture kind of day...

Yesterday evening I had a photo shoot for a friend of mine and her family. When I got back home Doogie wanted me to take pictures of his bionicles for him (he can put them on the bionicle.com website). So while I was outside taking pictures of his bionicles for him (which I told him he would have to start paying me for!) I also caught some pictures of Jaxon and CJ having fun on the swings! Watching them play outside really makes you see how much they are growing up. I can't believe CJ is going to be 2 next month! Where does the time go?? I loved it when Jaxon went over and started pushing CJ on the swing (we just won't mention how a few minutes later Jaxon threw Jayde and Ryann's my little pony and hit CJ in the face...) Yes, they are filthy...it's pretty much impossible to keep these guys clean now that it is nice out and they play outside all the time. We are slowly working on getting Jaxon potty trained (long overdue...but you just can't rush this boy!) He has been wearing underwear this afternoon for me and so far he hasn't done too bad. So that is my big goal for the summer...getting Jaxon potty trained and if I'm real lucky maybe I can start on CJ too!

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