Monday, June 8, 2009


Wowsers! Why is that some weekends you just have the usual house/yard work to do and nothing else planned, and then others just seem to fill up in a snap weeks in advance? This Saturday is going to be absolutely crazy! In the morning the kids are invited over for a end of the school year playdate over at a friend's house (since they get out on Wednesday), then Ryann has a birthday party to go to in the afternoon and last but not least I am doing a photo shoot for a very dear friend of mine and her beautiful family in the evening. So it should be a very busy but very fun day! I am looking forward to seeing my friend again, I haven't see her since I was pregnant with Jaxon! We've known eachother forever though and we have kept in touch via email and now facebook. She has also been talking my photography up (even though I haven't done her pictures yet) to friends and family, so my photography business is starting to move along. So I'm very excited not only to see her and finally meet her two beautiful little girls in person, but to also take some pictures!

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