Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I hate potty training....

I hate, hate, hate it! Oh, have I mentioned how much I hate potty training? I think Doogie spoiled us when we got him potty trained. Doogie took one week to be completely potty trained! Jayde was a total pill and took months and then of course there was Ryann who took so long I lost track of how long it took! Though to be fair alot of her potty training problems also were caused by the fact she has diabetes. Now we are working on Jaxon...it's been about a week now since I got serious about it and we haven't been making very much progress. I know he can do it...it's just getting him to realize that. I have to say the best potty training day we had was on Friday when we were on our way up to Seaside. I had put him in a diaper because I just didn't want to have to deal with wet pants and carseat on the trip, but to my surprise everytime we stopped for a potty break with the kids he was dry and used the potty for me too! I'm just hoping that something clicks for him really soon I'm getting pretty tired of rinsing underwear out every hour or so!

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