Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Some pictures

Not to many interesting things to report. We had yesterday off for Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday and today we are having a sick day. Jaxon was up alot last night having coughing fits and we finally just ended up sticking him in bed with us and giving him a breathing treatment. Than this morning Jayde woke up crying, her stomach and head were bugging her. She ended up throwing up an hour or so later which meant she would be staying home from school today. So I decided it would just be easier to keep everyone home (even though Doogie isn't sick) so that I wouldn't have to haul the sick kids around!

Believe it or not, the pictures are just from last night. Wouldn't think that a couple of those kids are sick now! Jayde is already acting like she is feeling alot better so as long as she doesn't have any more throwing up episodes she will more than likely be going to school tomorrow and I really hope that nobody else catches it! I've been keeping her back in my room in an attempt to keep her from spreading it around. And since I don't usually let the kids play in my room, it's been a little treat for her and she hasn't been complaining!

For some reason whenever I shoot inside I seem to like the black and white look alot better. Probably because there is just too many other colors and clutter inside that can detract from what I really want people to see! So anyways, enjoy the pictures...and see I'm trying to take more pictures!!

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Liz said...

Such happy kids!