Monday, January 26, 2009


It always seems to be one thing or another at our house. A month or so ago Doug mentioned the fact that Jaxon will squint and tip his head to one side (the right) when he is looking at something at times. I had been so used to seeing him do it, that I didn't even think about it until Doug had said something. So it of course made me take a closer look...and I had to agree with Doug that something was going on there. So when we took Jaxon and CJ in for their check-ups on Friday (which by the way they are both looking great and I'll write more about that later...) I mentioned to our doctor that we were concerned about his vision. So he referred us to another doctor since they didn't have the equipment to really tell if something was going on or not. This morning we headed over for Jaxon's appointment, he did a great job cooperating and doing what he was supposed to do (as well as any 3 year old could do...actually better than a 3 year old! Let's just say he did awesome!) They had him looking into machine's that would "read" his eyes and tell them what his eye prescription was. The machine came back with the results of him being farsighted, now they just had to figure out how bad it was so that they could give him the correct prescrition for his glasses. So they had to put some eye drops in to dialate his eyes so that they would "relax" and let them get a more accurate reading. He wasn't too happy about getting those drops (they sting) but he settled back down pretty quickly. We had to wait about a half hour for the drops to really take effect so they let us wander about the office and Jaxon and I checked out all of the different glasses. They than redid all of the tests that they had done before and his results came back a little big higher than the last readings (you want to get a 0 and Jaxon's final results came back with a +7.25 in one eye and the other eye wasn't far behind). The doctor went ahead and ordered his prescription, he actually prescribed it a little bit under what his test came back as. The doctor explained that if they give the full prescription strength right off the bat that his eyes would reject it (he would also get some nasty headaches), so we will work our way up slowly. Now we have been doing all of this for about an hour and we still had to go and pick out the frames and get fitted! I know Jaxon was really ready to leave (he had been asking me to go for the past half hour!) but I decided it would be best to get it all done now instead of having to come back later. So I asked him if he wanted to go pick out a pair of glasses and that seemed to perk him back up again. The "fitter" was waiting for us and had grabbed a few pairs to try on him and see how they fit, the very first one was the winner! It also had some great features, the bridge was bendable which meant that if Jaxon or one of the other kids got a hold of them and went crazy it would just pop back into place! We also got the shatterproof lenses, 100% UV protection, scratch resistant and a few other things. So hopefully these will hold up well for a 3 year old with 4 siblings! Anyways, we should be getting them in a week or two. They will give us a call when they arrive and we will go and pick them up and make sure they fit right. Then we will have to go back in a month or so for a recheck and see how Jaxon is adjusting.

I've added a picture of Jaxon taken this afternoon and if you look closely at his eyes you can see that they are still dialated from the eye drops. The doctor said it could take 6-12 hours and sometimes longer depending on the child for his eyes to go back to normal!

Now for Jaxon and CJ's check up...Jaxon was looking good. I have been worried about the fact that he is getting so skinny and drinking so much (Ryann did that with her diabetes) so he told us just to keep an eye on him and that we know the signs to look for! He weighed in at 39 lbs (he's only gained 2 lbs in a year) and they said he was 40 inches tall (but I think that might be off since he was really wriggling around while they were measuring him). CJ is getting big! He had to get 5 shots, which he wasn't very happy about but these guys are all pretty good about settling down after things. He weighed in at 32.6 lbs and 33 1/2 inches, so he really isn't too far behind Jaxon! But they both looked great and Jaxon's lungs were nice and clear.

Hmmmm....Jayde decided to give Ryann a haircut, she now has some bangs! Now I won't ever admit this to Jayde...but she actually did a pretty darn good job! I had noticed a couple days ago that the hair in front was a little bit shorter, so I asked Ryann if she had cut it and she of course told me no. I then got distracted by something (or someone) and forgot about it until this morning when I was doing her hair. I just kept telling myself that it just didn't look I asked her again and this time she replied "No, but Jayde did!" When I asked Jayde why she cut her sister's hair she replied "I don't know" UGH! I don't have a picture of Ryann's new cut yet, but I'll try to get one up soon. Instead I will leave you with this picture of CJ cuddling with Balder (a very common occurence in this house by all of the kids...he just makes a good pillow!)

I think that is all of the exciting news for now in our house. Thanks for checking in on us! I will try to get some more pictures up later! :)

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