Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Should just have our own personal room....

I had mentioned in the post before this one that Jaxon was getting sick. We had been giving him breathing treatments at home in an attempt to keep us from making a trip to the ER. Unfortunately this virus was just too big for us and after giving him a breathing treatment every hour until 11:30 in the evening (for a total of 5 breathing treatments that night) I decided that I would not be able to get any sleep doing this and worrying about him. So around 1 am Wednesday morning I took him to the ER, once again we got in pretty quickly. His blood oxygen level was a 94 which was at the very low end of normal for him, so it was a good thing I brought him in. They started us off with another breathing treatment, but with something a bit different than our usual stuff. This particular breathing treatment took an hour to complete! Thank goodness Jaxon is pretty good about getting treatments, not to mention he was really tired (obviously since it was after 1 in the morning!) so he slept through most of it. They got us back into x-ray around 3:00ish in the morning, and the doctor came back in to talk with us around 3:30 and told me that Jaxon's x-rays came back showing them that he had pneumonia in his right lung. He was trying to decide if it was bad enough that they would admit us or if we could go home...but since Jaxon was having difficulty breathing, his heart rate was a bit on the high side (mainly because of all of the breathing treatments), and his blood oxygen was on the low side he felt it would be better to admit us. So around 5 in the morning we finally got up to room and I got a little shut eye before the next round began. They decided that instead of giving him an IV (since around 3:30 he decided he was going to be wide awake and was bouncing around everywhere and they thought it would be a big pain to get one in) that they were going to give him two shots. Now these shots were huge and they took around 10-15 seconds to administer...but atleast after that it was done and he wasn't going to be hooked up to anything. He had another breathing treatment not to long after that (a normal one) and they gave him his first dose of antibiotics (he had already recieved some steriods in the ER when he was having his hour long breathing treatment). Since he was acting like he was feeling alot better and was responding well to the meds they finally allowed us to come home around after 12 hours in the hospital we are now home.

And now I have some grumpy kids to deal with so I will update some more a bit later!

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