Saturday, January 31, 2009

Doogie's Most Eggscellent Egg Drop

Doogie has been enjoying The Most Eggscellent Science Club in this past month of January. Every Thursday of January he would attend an hour long club after school and learn all sorts of interesting things about (if you hadn't guessed by now from the title) eggs and of course they snuck in some science! This last Thursday was his last day and it was also when their egg contraption was due. They were challenged to build something that would keep their egg safe from breaking when it was dropped (or in this case thrown) off the roof! Now it isn't as simple as it sounds since there were some guidelines that they had to follow:

1. Design cannot involve liquids, helium, other lighter than air gasses or glass
2. Weight cannot exceed one pound
3. Egg "compartment cannot exceed one foot in length or width (winged designs need to fall within this dimension)
4. You must place your egg into your container just prior to your drop.
5. Use of parachutes is allowed, but the chute must deploy itself after the container is dropped (Dropping with an open parachute will most certainly result in successful landing.)

As you can see the pictures speak for themselves! :) I think he was pretty darn pleased with himself and I thought it was really sweet that he let his sister be there next to him when it all happened (the rest of the kids were home with Grammy!) He had so much pride in his voice (and still does) when he told people that his egg was a survivor!

I was surprised with how many of the eggs actually survived and also with some of the interesting contraptions some of the kids came up with (I think they had alot of help from their parents with those ones)! Needless to say though, there were alot of pretty proud 2nd and 3rd graders that day! It was alot of fun to watch all of the contraptions get tested out and to hear all the kids chanting "throw it, throw it, etc..." Their very own principal and janitor were up on the roof tossing their contraptions for them. It's great to have a principal that is so involved in the school. At the beginning he told the kids to yell "Science" and than the adults had to yell "Rocks"! So we had a "Science Rocks" chant going for a while, which was alot of fun and it's was great to see all the kids so pumped up. It's things like this that help kids to stay interested in school. We are looking forward to another Most Eggscellent Science Class next year where both Jayde and Doogie can be in it together, so I hope they do it again!

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Anonymous said...

awesome - wish our school did something like this - very cool!