Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Meet Blue...

Sounds like it should be an intro to Blue's Clues, the show that Jaxon loves so much! But actually it is the name of our new puppy! Sunday night one of my dear friend's called me up and asked me if I wanted a puppy! LOL! I hemmed and hawed for a while, taken off guard by the question. Did we want another puppy? Well, Doug and I had been talking about getting a puppy eventually for the kids and also so Balder would have a friend. So my friend started to describe her to me...she's a black lab/bloodhound mix, she's really sweet and just a good dog. My friend was desperately trying to find a home for her, they had only had her a couple of days and had gotten her from someone else who they were trying to help out...but they just weren't "big" dog people (my dear friend loves pugs!) She then informed me that they were out driving around right now with her and they could stop by and show her to me...okay, I'm in trouble! So I said to go ahead and come over and I'll take a look. I think I fell for her as soon as I saw her and she gave me a kiss on the nose. She's a very loving dog and has been great with the kids. She is still in that puppy chewing stage (she's about 4 months old) and she thinks all the toys are hers! I'm constantly catching her with the kids' stuff toys, but so far she hasn't chewed them up (could be because I catch her with them soon enough...) but she does slime them pretty good! LOL! She thinks she is a couch/lap dog and I find her on the couch very frequently, but she sure makes it hard on you to discipline her when she looks at you with those brown eyes! One of her other favorite things to do is take CJ bottle from him and carry it around the house...CJ on the other hand does not find that very amusing! Anyways, even though we have only had her for a couple days she has already fit in and become a part of our family. Now we just need to teach her some manners!

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