Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just Some Random Information...

See I'm doing better with my blog...I've been posting more and adding pictures (we'll see if I can keep it up!)

Calvin has discovered a new friend. His name is Sulley Monster...from the movie Monster's Inc. We've had this stuffed toy for years (since Doogie was a little guy) but nobody really paid too much attention to it until now. CJ sleeps with Sulley, watches Monster's Inc. with Sulley (which is really cute to watch, by the way!) and also plays with him throughout the day. It is really sweet to watch him play with him and carry him around the house. I love to watch him while he is holding Sulley on the couch and watching Monster's Inc....he even giggles and laughs at all the right spots! What a great sense of humor this boy has!

Jaxon has decided that his favorite things are ducks! Now I don't know if it's because Joe on Blue's Clues favorite stuffed toy was a duck or if he decided it on his own...but we have a few stuffed ducks that he will carry around the house with him and like CJ he has to sleep with them as well. Yes, Jaxon loves his ducks! I think once the weather warms up again we'll have to take him back down to the duck pond so he can feed the ducks again! You can see in one of the pictures his famous squint and tilt! He was trying to watch TV (we were watching Monster's Inc.) He then had to move so he could get a better look at the show. I'm really looking forward to him getting his glasses, it will just be really cool to watch his reaction to being able to see things better! I think a whole 'nother world is going to open up to him with his new glasses.

Doogie has his last day of his Most Eggscellent Science Club today. I'm glad that he had the opportunity to do this, he's had such a fun time in there. As you can probably tell by the title it has to do with eggs and he has learned so much about eggs and also about other things. Today is the Most Eggscellent Egg Drop. They had to make a contraption to keep their eggs safe from breaking when thrown off the school roof (and yes, they are really going to be dropped from the roof today...the eggs not the kids!) I told Doogie I would be there to watch his contraption get tried out (which is a box that has batting and a piece of foam inside to wrap up the egg in). So I will try to get some pictures of that and let you know how his contraption did.

Then this evening I have to head back to the school to take pictures of their Talent Show (no, my kids are not going to be in it this year). But since I'm the yearbook editor this year (though I just learned yesterday that I will be getting some help with it! Yippee!) I need to be there to get some (hopefully good) pictures of everyone in the Talent Show. It should be fun watching the kids perform too and see what things they come up with. I'm debating about taking Doogie and Jayde with me to watch since it is their school, but need to figure out if I can keep an eye on them and take pictures at the same we'll see!

Anyways, nothing else really exciting to report. The weather has warmed up some so we have been able to get outside a bit more, which has been really nice since the kids were getting a bit stir crazy! I spent all afternoon yesterday cleaning up the backyard (the puppy had gotten into the garage and pulled stuff out and chewed on it! Grrrr...) so it was good to get it all picked up, took me three garbage bags! Ryann was pretty proud of herself though since she helped me by putting the toys away. We also worked on training Blue (and let me tell you she needs alot of training!) I have been feeling bad since I haven't had a lot of time lately to work with her, so I decided to try and do it when CJ was taking his naps. So right now we are just trying to get her used to having a leash on her (and of course the potty training is non-stop...she hasn't been the greatest in that area!). She does know how to sit and lie down...though she isn't good at staying! I've also been showing the kids how to train her as well, since I figure she needs to learn to obey them as well and realize that she is on the bottom of the food chain here! This also gives the kids more confidence in dealing with her (she can be a little spazzy when she first see's someone and jump all over them, which means she knocks the kids down and then nibbles and licks them to death while they are on the ground). So we really got to break her of that!

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