Monday, December 29, 2008

Some pictures...

Okay, I'm finally getting around to posting few pictures. I didn't take as many pictures as I would of liked too on Christmas Day...too busy helping kids unwrap presents and picking up discarded paper and ribbon I guess! I think the biggest hits were the nerf dart guns (we all got one) and we have been have a blast having dart gun wars together! Doug and I were talking about starting a new gift giving tradition though since the kids just get so much stuff and they really don't need too much. Most things end up getting broken by the end of the week anyways. One of our friend's (his daughter goes to school with Doogie and Jayde) was telling us a bit about what they do. They only get 3 is from Santa, then one is something fun and the other is something that makes them beautiful (or a better person). I think that is how Doug explained it to me...I will have to ask him again. I think that is a great tradition though and helps teach the kids more about what the true meaning of Christmas really is. Christmas is just getting so commercial these days that all the kids want is the toys and then they get upset when they don't get more toys or didn't get what they wanted. But I think if you made it clear from the beginning that you were only going to get 3 presents and it was always that way than they wouldn't complain about it as much (or atleast you hope they wouldn't!) I mean seriously they don't need alot of stuff... I think it's one thing if they get clothes because that doesn't really clutter the house up and get wrecked like toys do, but I know speaking for me...these guys have way too many toys as it is and half the time the toys aren't really that well made and just fall apart after a week or so of playing, or they get pushed aside and forgotten never to be played with again. So I guess my point is less is more! I think it would be better to buy one big gift or just a few than a bunch of little gifts that are going to get trashed. Doug and I only got the kids a few presents this year (2 from us and 3 from Santa) of course one of them they haven't really gotten yet. We are going to get them an outside play structure but are going to wait until Spring (or until the snow goes away and it's a bit warmer) before putting it up. We are going to do one of the design your own ones so that the kids can help pick out what features they would like their structure to have.

Anyways, I had always promised pictures of the kids working with the perler beads so I've included those as well. They worked really hard on their creations. The girls would just use a set pattern and Doogie would make one of his own creations. They all really enjoy playing with them and I think it's great that they don't have to stick with one pattern if they don't want to but they are able to get creative and make anything they want! So we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I know we did. We are looking forward to a New Year and a new start. And I can't believe that my little guy is going to be 3 on New Years Eve!!

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