Thursday, December 4, 2008

Is anyone out there???

You know there are days that you wonder who really reads your blog...well I figure mine is just read by our family and friends and I appreciate those who come by and see how the crazy Crowe clan is doing. And I figure that even if nobody else read my blog that would be okay too...I also like to use my blog to help me remember all of the little (and big) things that happen in our life.

Nothing super exciting happening at the moment. Jaxon is starting to get a cold again and was having alot of coughing fits tonight, so I went ahead and gave him a breathing treatment and that seemed to help calm him down. But I'm sure I'll be checking up on him throughout the night making sure he is breathing normally.

CJ is getting a bunch of teeth in all at once and is feeling pretty miserable. His poor little gums are so swollen and red, I wish they would just pop through and put him out of his misery especially since they have been like this for more than a week. He's also been having a pretty snotty nose which I think is a combo of getting a cold and teething.

Jayde is also starting to come down with a cold. So far it hasn't seemed to be slowing her down too much, so I'm hoping she gets over it quickly.

Ryann, yep you guessed it, is also getting a cold... I hate it when she gets sick. I mean it's bad enough when your child is sick anyways. But when your child is sick and has diabetes it can be a nightmare at times. Right now her blood sugar isn't doing anything super has gone low a few times but not really bad and when I give her something to get it back up, it stays up and doesn't go back down which is good. So I'm hoping that we can get everyone healthy quickly and keep them that way!

Doogie, dare I say it...I might jinx us....isn't sick (and hopefully will stay that way, knock on wood). Doug has been teaching him to play chess and he has really gotten into it. I guess Doug played on the chess team when he was a kid (something I didn't know until recently), so who knows...maybe Doogie will follow in his father's footsteps with that (they are so much alike anyways!) Doug is also showing Jayde as well and she has been really interested in it too...which of course means that Ryann wants to do it too! Which I think is great!

Doug is recovering from running his half marathon last Sunday. I think there will be more half marathons in his future since now he wants to beat his time and make it better (and one of his buddies ran a marathon just a couple weeks before Doug and did it just under 2 they've been challenging eachother good naturally!)

I'm just trying to keep up with it all. My laundry room is a total disaster area since I'm trying to sort through everyone's clothes and weed out things that are too small and see if they will fit someone else, some are for spring/summer so they need to get packed up and I still need to find all my winter clothes for the kids (Doogie and Jayde's hand me downs). So you don't even want to see my laundry room, it is not a pretty sight and you would probably run away screaming in terror...because heck, that's what I feel like doing! I'm working on getting my Christmas presents all finished and hopefully done in time. And trying to get organized to tackle my new job of "yearbook editor" for the kids' school, I'm going to have everything for my yearbook stuff on just one computer and hopefully that will help keep me organized. I also need to call the photography studio who took all the kid's pictures and let them know that I will be the new contact person. So I'm a little nervous about being the head honcho on something like this, but I'm sure once I learn the ropes all will be fine (I hope!!)

So anyways, now you know what the crazy Crowe clan has been up to this week! Thanks for checking in on us! :)

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Kitty and Doggy said...

i read your blog all the time and appreciate all the updates!