Friday, December 5, 2008


Well I had to take Mr. CJ in to the doctor this afternoon. I noticed that he had dried blood in his ear and was worried that he had burst his eardrum. Normally I try to get morning appointments but since we didn't call the doctor's until the afternoon...well you know what that means! I waited over an hour to see the doctor (and it was one I hadn't seen before since our usual doctor wasn't there this week). Luckily CJ was really good (I knew he wasn't feeling good because he wasn't getting into half of the things he usually does!) and he even fell asleep while we were waiting. He of course woke up though when the doctor was trying to get a look in his ear...he wasn't liking that at all and it really wasn't a pleasant way to wake up! He couldn't really get a good look because of all the dried blood but he was guessing that his eardrum ruptured. So he is now on antibiotics and eardrops for a while and will go back in for a check up in two weeks to see how his ear is healing. Poor little guy was just beat though after waiting over an hour for the doctor and than having to wait for his prescription by the time we got home he just crashed.

Jaxon still isn't feeling all the great either. While I was gone he was having a lot of coughing fits which caused him to throw up, so Doug was having fun too! When I got home we gave him another breathing treatment and that seems to help. The doctor that I saw today is also on call this weekend so he said to just give them a call if we needed anything (since he had asked who else was sick and looked up Jaxon's records). Hopefully we won't need anything, but it's nice to know they're there when you need them! So far, while he has a horrible cough, his breathing is pretty normal.

Otherwise everyone else seems to be doing okay, though they all have snotty noses and some of them are coughing a little...So I think we'll just take it easy this weekend and try to get everyone healthy and hopefully stay that way for Christmas.

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