Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Tree Trimming Pictures

Just please ignore the fact that some of my children aren't fully dressed! To be honest I think my children would be happier if we lived in a nudist colony...clothes are just so confining for them! Ah well, I'm assured by others that this is something they will start to out grow...eventually! Anyways though, they all had a great time decorating the tree...regardless of what they are wearing (or not wearing)!

Acording to the weatherman, we are looking to get 1-3 inches of snow today (mixed with rain). So the kids were pretty excited to hear that...guess I need to start hunting up hats, gloves and scarves! So maybe I'll get lucky this weekend and get some snow pictures!

Anyways, nothing super exciting going on. I need to finish up making my Christmas presents this weekend, I just need to find a bit of spare time! We are also going to the Nutcracker this weekend...well the three oldest and I anyways! Doug is going to stay home with the two little guys.

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