Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Jaxon and a Happy New Year!

Wow! Another year has ended and my little guy is also a whole year older! Doesn't seem like it's been 3 years already. What alot of changes we have been through in those 3 years....with moving from TN to NJ and than back home to WA, having a new baby, finding out about Ryann's Diabetes, finding out that CJ could have siezures if his temperature gets too high and than of course Jaxon having breathing problems when he gets sick. But you know what...I think all of those things (though I wish we didn't have to go through the diabetes, siezures and asthma) have made us stronger as a family. I get such a thrill (a joy) when I see the kids helping eachother out through it all and just looking out for just warms my heart! We are a family...and though we may fight and argue with eachother at times we always got eachothers' backs!

Anyways, we are celebrating Jaxon's birthday tonight over at the DQ (same place we did it last year as well)...Jaxon's loves his ice cream (the boy's got a sweet tooth, wonder if it's because I craved Reece's peanut butter cups when I was pregnant with him?) Then we will spend New Year's Eve at home with the kids and see which kid can make it all the way to midnight! Last year Doogie was the closest and made it to 11:30 before he finally crashed. I have a feeling he will make it this year no problem!

So the Crowe family is wishing everyone a Happy and SAFE New Year's! And Happy Birthday to my boy, we love you so much Jaxon! You light up our lives with joy and laughter and we are blessed to have you in our lives!

Now I am leaving you with some pictures of the Birthday Boy that I took today. I asked him how old he was and at first he held up two fingers...but then I told him that he was now three so he was trying to count on all of his fingers and figure out what three was!

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