Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 88 of 365

She is my sunshine! Her little smile never ceases to cheer me up. She has such a great sense of humor already, I have a feeling it's going to be pretty wicked! In other news, Jaxon started Taekwondo with us tonight. He had been wanting to do it with us for a while and was so excited when we said we would take him with us tonight. After we got there and he got to put on his uniform though, he started getting a little big overwhelmed. Especially when they moved him to the front row so they could see him! He turned back around and looked at Doug and I and was almost in tears! So Doug went over to stand with him and help him out. As long as Doug or I were with him he did okay...though at one time he looked at me and told me he wanted to go home and never do Taekwondo again! After his class session was over I gave him my phone to play on while the rest of us did our class (so we did two class sessions). I would look over at him occasionally to make sure he was okay and he was snuggled up to our instructors playing on my phone! So I think he was starting to feel better about doing Taekwondo and by the time our class was over he was smiling and laughing with one of the other kids in his class. When we asked him after our class if he liked Taekwondo he said "yes" and he wanted to do it again. So I think once he gets to know the people in his class and gets more comfortable he will do just fine!

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