Friday, November 28, 2008

What a Crazy Thanksgiving Vacation...

Hmmm...where to start....

Last weekend we were back in the ER with Jaxon. He caught a cold and was again having trouble breathing. So Doug took him to the hospital where they rushed us back again pretty quickly. At first they said that he was going to have to stay overnight for observation, but then decided since we had gotten him in alot quicker this time (we knew the signs) that as long as we felt comfortable (he was still going to be breathing funny for a couple days) that we could go ahead and take him home. This time they sent us home with a nebulizer so that we could give him breathing treatments ourselves. The first couple days we had to give him breathing treatments every 4 hours so we were pretty worn out from the sleepless nights. Then we followed up with our doctor a couple days later, he said right now it looks like it it viral induced (his asthma) so he gave us an extra perscription of meds for him so that we would always have some on hand for any other episodes. He said one other thing that concerned him a little on his blood work (that the hospital had done) was that his blood glucose was a bit high. And with his sister being a diabetic we want to keep an eye on that. He said it was probably just because he was sick and they were giving him an IV which could cause the blood glucose to go up. The above picture is of Jaxon wearing his dinosaur mask and having one of his breathing treatments. He is really good about taking them and leaving the mask on. Now he only gets a breathing treatment if he is coughing alot or having problems breathing.

We had Doogie and Jayde's parent teacher conferences this week as well. They are both doing well and right where they should be at with their schooling. Both of their teachers gave us an idea of things that we can work on with them so we have been doing extra learning activities to help them out. And I think Jayde's teacher (and Doogie's too) will be happy with the progress they have just made this week in their math (especially Jayde) and also Doogie's writing (they are working on writing a story, beginning, middle and end with lots of details).

We had a nice Thanksgiving. We are thankful to have so many family members who were able to join us. Doug's sister and her family were able to make it in time (they drove cross country since they are also relocating). It will be so nice to have them closer and the kids will be able to get to know their cousins alot better. So we had a full house for Thanksgiving (18 people total). I had tried out a couple new recipes for Thanksgiving and was really happy with how they turned out...and I will never go back to my old way of making mashed potatoes, gravy and turkey again!

Now we get to head over for my sis-in-law's marathon (which Doug is going to run as well) tomorrow (the marathon is on Sunday). So it will be fun and I know the kids are excited to see their Aunt. We contemplated just Doug and I going and having a bit of a vacation with no children, but we still aren't very comfortable with leaving Ryann (especially overnight) and having someone else try to manage her diabetes.

So anyways, that's pretty much all we've been up to lately. I bummed that I didn't get many pictures on Thanksgiving of the kids with their cousins so I'm hoping to get some more this weekend at the marathon.

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