Thursday, November 13, 2008

More Pictures...

Okay, here are some more pictures as promised! Boy am I worn out today...I have been on the go all day it seems. The highlight of the day though was being able to go and have lunch with Doogie and Jayde. They were so excited that I was able to come (Doogie had been hounding me for months and things just never seemed to work out) so I will have to make sure I do it more often...besides pretty soon they aren't going to want their mom to come have lunch with them! So now that CJ is taking a nap, Doogie is at the Dentist with Doug, and Jaxon and the girls are watching Max and Ruby I actually have some quiet time to add some more pictures before dinner! So anyways here is the second installment of pictures with more to come soon (I think I have atleast 20 more pictures or so that I want to share!) I was going to try to share more this time but for some reason it doesn't want to upload anymore and keeps giving me an error message! Grrr.... So check back later for more pics!

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