Friday, November 14, 2008

Sorry no pictures...

For some reason it will not let me upload any more pictures...I keep getting an error message! Grrr....but I will keep trying and hopefully figure out what the problem is. I do have most of these pictures up on my facebook page and I think I can get a link for non-facebook people to view my pictures...I'll have to go take a look at it if I can't get them to upload on here!

Anyways, another crazy day in the Crowe house. Ryann had a doctor appointment today for her diabetes and she's looking good, her AIC was 8.6 which was better than her last one. We have been discussing getting her a continuous blood glucose monitor so that we could see what her blood sugar was doing every 5 minutes or so. Which would be so helpful in better managing her blood sugar, especially if we knew what certain foods did to it and what it does at night! Our doctor recommended the one that he uses which is also a insulin pump as well (which would mean a heck of lot less of pokes for Ryann!) Unfortunately our insurance doesn't like to pay for it so we are going to battle it out with them and try to get them to cough up the money for it. It is extremely helpful that we have such a great doctor who is willing to go to bat for us and fight them with us. So hopefully this will all work out for us (keep your fingers crossed!).

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