Friday, November 21, 2008

Holiday's are a coming...

Go, go, go...that's all I seem to do around here! Doogie and Jayde are now out of school until the beginning of December (they get an extra long Thanksgiving break because of school conferences). So today was their first day off and I was thinking to myself, great we can all sleep in this morning...but what I forgot was that Ryann still had preschool! So I had to jump out of bed and get going very quickly this morning! Now I need to remember that Ryann has school on Monday and Wednesday next week!

This past week was super crazy...Doug's birthday was on Monday and then Jayde's was on Tuesday. So we had our back to back birthdays going on! And the birthday cake from both parties (since they of course had to have different kinds of cake) is finally almost gone!

Now I need to get prepared for next week...gotta get the house cleaned and go grocery shopping for all the things I need for Thanksgiving dinner. I also want to try and get out Christmas card pics done this weekend and get that out of the way so I can concentrate on all the other holiday things that need to get done.

So anyways, nothing super exciting happening...just our normal family craziness. Oh! I almost forgot to tell you that my brother finally proposed to his girlfriend last weekend. So we get to officially welcome her and her son to the family. We are all very excited and happy for them!

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