Friday, November 7, 2008

CJ's a supermodel...

Okay, well maybe he's not in a magazine... but he is on the web! You might remember a while back (this summer) when I wrote about winning a contest and CJ won a free (very cute) t-shirt that a very nice lady makes for her etsy shop. Well I sent her a picture of CJ wearing the t-shirt to thank you for the prize and she is now using that picture of CJ on her site! Here's the link if you want to go check it out:
She also added in my photography blog which I have really been slacking on. So I better get to it and start posting some pictures there and here! I've been a slacker in updating both of my blogs! I have a ton of pictures that I need to post for everyone, so be ready for a flood of pictures coming soon.

On other news, nothing super exciting happening over here. We are just trying to keep everyone healthy, so far so good. But I know the flu bug is going around like crazy over here and the kids at Doogie and Jayde's school are dropping like flies. In fact Jayde was telling me when they were over at the 4th grade classes for their reading buddies one of the kids in the 4th grade class started throwing up everywhere! YUCK! And while I was chaperoning Doogie's class yesterday to go and see the Twelve Dancing Princesses on stage, one of the mom's was telling me that another kid threw up all over her son in the lunch line...GROSS! So I'm hoping that this crud stays away from our house!

Hmmm, what else... Oh yeah! The PTO president at Doogie and Jayde's school has asked me if I would be interested in being the yearbook editor for the school. I was already helping out by taking pictures for them while at field trips and school functions and what not... So I have to decide if I want to be the BIG CHIEF (as one of my friend's refered to it) and if I have the time to devote to it! So I have sent her an email asking for more info and will go from there. But right now I'm leaning towards doing it.

So anyways, I will be flooding both of my blogs soon with lots of pictures. But for now I better sign off and see why my two little boys are being so grumpy!

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