Sunday, June 3, 2007

Not the way I wanted to spend the day!

Well we spent a good portion of the early afternoon in the emergency room with Ryann! Poor thing was just all lethargic and she kept just falling asleep. Which is so not like her at all. She also had a crusty looking rash on her head (in her hairline) that I had noticed early and had been putting neosprorin on, but it was still spreading. When I noticed the rash on her head was getting worse I decided I was going to take her to the doc on Monday...but the real thing that worried me was just how out of it she was and I didn't want to wait until Monday for that. So we headed for the emergency room where she pretty much slept off and on the entire time we were there! The nurse brought her in an italian ice and juice which perked her up a little bit, she wanted it...but even then she kept drifting off to sleep between bites. So it looks like she had gotten a little dehydrated too. She really freaked me out for a while there when I couldn't get her to wake up to drink the 3rd cup of juice the nurse brought in! We even looked out in the hallway for the nurse but she wasn't there at the time. Luckily though I finally got her to wake up a little bit after that and she drank some more for me and started to perk up more. By that time the doctor finally came into the room to check her out. He was pretty young, didn't look like he was old enough to be a doctor! LOL! Funny though that Ryann really started to perk up once he came into the room and she even started smiling at him (something she hadn't done for anyone else!) Guess she likes cute young guys! :) She even began to finally talk...and we hadn't heard hardly two words out of her mouth all day! So on top of being a bit dehydrated...though I could of sworn she was getting enough fluids! But the nurse did point out that with them being so much littler and alot more active, they actually tend to get dehydrated alot faster than we do. So I'm going to be really pushing the fluids alot more! But anyways, on top of being dehydrated the rash on her head was impetigo (a staph infection and very contagious) and on top of her body trying to fight off that and then being dehydrated that is what probaby caused her to become so lethargic. So she is on antibiotics and also has some ointment to put on her sores. We will also have to keep her out of the sun while she is on the medicine since I guess it makes her even more sensitive to the sunlight. And we also have to make sure that she doesn't spread it to the other that will be fun! UGH! So we have had quite the day today...but I'm happy to say that she is already acting alot like her normal self. Still not quite as active, but atleast she is smiling, talking and a heck of a lot more animated than she was.
Anyways, hopefully we won't have any more episodes and everyone else won't catch this lovely stuff! We actually had a run of it in the house a couple years ago with Doogie and Jayde...and I remember wondering if this is what Ryann had as well. Guess I was right! LOL! I'm just glad it wasn't something super serious...this is actually pretty easy to treat we just have to be careful not to spread it around more.
Otherwise though we are all doing well, and just hanging in there. Doogie has his last week of school and then he will be out for the summer! And I go in for my doctor appointment on Friday. I've been having a ton of Braxton Hicks lately and it feels like this little guy has dropped. So we'll see how I check out. Also going to talk about maybe inducing me on a certain day so that we can make sure Doug is here for the delivery! Unless I end up going into labor on my own before that!
The pictures are from Friday when the kids were over at Grammy's and Papa's pool having a blast swimming and keeping cool in this really hot weather! They love to swim and this was Jaxon's real first year of being in the pool and he absolutely loved it!

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